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nuVizz, Inc. launches MarketPlace – A Last Mile Delivery & Transportation Network

nuVizz, Inc., a leading network based Last Mile Delivery & Transportation SaaS platform today officially launched its Marketplace to help consolidate delivery & transportation demand & supply and create new opportunities for shippers and carriers.

nuVizz, Inc., through its market leading last mile delivery & transportation SaaS platform has created a large network of carriers & transportation providers and shippers & trip sources across multiple verticals within delivery logistics and healthcare transportation. The SaaS platform has provided delivery planning, execution and visibility capabilities to hundreds of shippers and thousands of carriers. The new offering, nuVizz Marketplace, addresses the challenges of fragmented nature of demand and supply and changing nature of the delivery & transportation businesses. Through nuVizz Marketplace, shippers and trip sources can find qualified and credentialed carriers & transportation providers across the country, negotiate contracts and also get real-time visibility of their shipments and manage backend billing. The carriers and transportation providers on the other hand, can find new sources of demand for their existing capacity and get connected to new shippers and trip sources. The platform manages the integration between demand and supply automatically, creating a seamless experience for all stakeholders end-to-end.

“The delivery & transportation has seen a big shift and the recent events have added unprecedented new demand stretching the supply sources. The challenge is not the lack of demand or supply, but the fragmented nature of it. At nuVizz, we have solved the chicken or egg problem with our huge network of carriers & transportation providers and shippers & trip sources actively using our platform for managing their operations and gaining visibility. On top of it, our platform supports all kinds of delivery & transportation operations from delivery logistics of furniture, appliance, pharmacy, medical supplies, food and grocery etc., healthcare transportation and transit. The need for consolidation of demand & supply is not just within siloed verticals but across verticals and the platform has done that effectively for the last 10 years..” says Guru Rao, CEO of nuVizz, Inc. “…the Marketplace is a unique solution that helps delivery & transportation stakeholders across verticals leverage their assets better and find new partners to work with. And, you don’t need to find another partner to run your operations. Once a match is established, shippers and carriers are connected on the platform for seamless execution and visibility. We are excited to see our vision of a single platform for all delivery & transportation needs across multiple verticals come to fruition with the nuVizz Marketplace. It creates new opportunities to all stakeholders and help them weather the storm and grow in the new normal delivery & transportation world”.

Some of the key differentiating features of nuVizz Marketplace are:

  • Shippers & trip sources and carriers & transportation providers can register on the Marketplace
  • Shippers and trip sources can look for qualified and credentialed carriers & transportation providers on the nuVizz Marketplace from across the country
  • Carriers & transportation providers can look for new demand across different verticals (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, pharmacy delivery, medical supplies delivery etc.)
  • Negotiate and create contracts on the platform
  • Get connected with the partner with easy integration with the platform
  • Carriers & transportation providers can leverage nuVizz execution capabilities to plan, optimize, execute, get real-time visibility and automatically bill based on established partner contracts
  • Shippers and trip sources gain automatic real-time visibility for all of their shipments and trips and invoicing

About nuVizz, Inc.

nuVizz, Inc. ( is a leading network-based last mile delivery & transportation management and customer experience SaaS platform.

nuVizz solutions for logistics and people transportation, nuDeliverIt and WellRyde offers an end-to-end solution including both static and dynamic on-demand route optimization, automated customer appointment scheduling, real-time network visibility, delivery execution and superior customer experience. It brings all stakeholders in the delivery ecosystem with context sensitive visibility and ability to optimize across multiple sources including crowd resources. nuDeliverIt multi-hub delivery management capability helps customers to seamlessly manage final mile delivery going through multiple legs. WellRyde, offers end-to-end trip execution capabilities for healthcare transportation (NEMT), rideshare and other adjacent verticals.

nuVizz Marketplace helps consolidate delivery & transportation demand and supply to create new opportunities for shippers/trip sources and carriers/transportation providers. nuVizz MarketPlace is a transportation network wide program and comes close on the heels of TripMarket that today boasts of nearly 2 million trips a year.

The nuVizz platform hosts more than 2000 companies, 35000+ active drivers and supported more than 50 million transactions in 2019 on its SaaS platform. For more information, please visit http://www.nuvizz.comhttp://www.nudeliverit.com

Contact: Guru Rao