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When race car drivers get behind the wheel, they’re more focused on strategy than on the nuts and bolts that hold their vehicles together. They have faith that their mechanics, and the engineers who built the car have complied with the laws of physics to create a reliable machine that will get them to the finish line. As drivers, their job is to keep their eyes on the road. They want to win, or at least perform well enough to impress their loyal fans and collect a few new ones in the process.

What does all of this have to do with last mile delivery? A lot more than you may realize at first glance.

The race for customer satisfaction is on

Instead of race cars, retailers, carriers and shippers drive trucks. And the mechanical components of those vehicles aren’t the only nuts and bolts they worry about. Fleet managers also need to concern themselves with proof of delivery, on-time delivery, bills of lading, form and manner compliance, customer feedback collection and a host of other details that can divert their attention from the real finish line: customer satisfaction.

Obviously you can’t throw these details to the wind. To have a prayer of changing the game – or at least playing it by Amazon’s rules – your processes need to be automatic, like a well-oiled machine, so that you can focus on driving your business toward success.

The question is, how do you do that?

Automated delivery tracking: The only tool your fleet needs

Before you can give customers what they want, you have to give your fleet what it needs: An easy-to-use, mobile app that:

  • Accurately and precisely logs delivery events.
  • Captures and stores electronic documentation such as proof of delivery and bill of lading.
  • Enables on-the-spot customer satisfaction reviews.

It’s wild to think that form and manner violations (simple clerical errors) are among the most common sources of noncompliance with the electronic logging device (ELD) regulation, yet that’s the world we live in.

We also live in a world where 83 percent of customers are unimpressed by anything longer than two-day shipping, according to Deloitte. And the only way for businesses to put the pedal to the metal for their customers is to make all the aforementioned processes automatic. A mobile application like nuDeliverIt will do this but will also supply real-time visibility into all downstream operations. You can then provide the next-gen customer experience consumers crave while automatically managing the necessary rigmarole in the background.

You may not have a stadium full of screaming fans, but you do have your customers. Give them something to cheer about.

Connecting the dots: How to engineer customer satisfaction at the last mile