Posted by Guru Rao

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of millions of customers’ expectations being shattered, and for reasons most companies are aware of but don’t know how to address.

“Customer satisfaction” for the 21st-century consumer means something entirely different than it did just five years ago. Courtesy of Amazon Prime, an increasing number of customers expect affordable two-day shipping according to Deloitte. Many wholesalers, retailers and transport companies struggle to deliver on this expectation.

But let’s not put the cart before the horse. Speed is only one component that defines the modern customer. And before businesses can achieve agility, they need to take a deep breath, step back from what seems to be an insurmountable challenge and learn to embrace the 21st-century consumer mindset.

It starts with reliability

“Give your consumers what they want, but first give them what they need.”

Sure, the modern consumer likes speed. We know this. But what they like even more than two-day shipping is getting a product or service delivered to them on time. Simply put, speed and convenience are not adequate substitutes for reliability.

According to the Harvard Business Review, exceeding expectations makes customers only “marginally” happier than just meeting their needs. Give your consumers what they want, but first give them what they need.

Customers crave visibility

The immediacy of information is a near-universal expectation in the digital age, so why shouldn’t sellers know exactly where their shipments are at all times, and why shouldn’t consumers have an up-to-date ETA on product delivery?

In addition to providing transparency, making this data visible to sellers and their consumers can keep stakeholders in the loop should something go wrong. It’s much better to tell customers about issues so they can plan accordingly than to inconvenience them with a late shipment or delivery. Also, that relationship goes both ways. Make customers feel like you’re listening to them. Solicit their feedback so you can improve performance and hopefully head off churn.

And they’re delighted by flexibility


o really wow customers, you need to be flexible. By analyzing the same real-time tracking data that creates visibility in downstream operations, you can model contingency plans to improve performance and identify new opportunities to affordably, reliably and transparently expedite shipment services and consumer deliveries. The result is satisfaction for the buyer, peace of mind for the seller and a job well done for the transporter.

It’s fair to say that the modern consumer expects a lot out of companies, but a precedent has been set, and the only way to go is forward. Don’t let your customers down. Contact nuDeliverIt to learn how you can give customers the reliability they need, the visibility they crave and the flexibility that will keep them coming back.


How to keep calm and embrace the 21st-century consumer mindset