Let’s help you onboard faster.

You can a DEMO REQUEST to understand how you can benefit from nuDeliverit. If you are already familiar with the solution and would like to begin using, you can click on the SIGN UP link to fill in details and complete your registration process for a Free Trial.

No, the Demo session is free of cost.

Yes, you have a 30 day free trial. You can use the system free for 30 days from SIGN UPdate without being charged. For additional details please refer to questions under BILLING section.

As part of SIGN UP process you are required to provide your name, valid e-mail ID for us to send login details, Name of your company, Credit card information and number of Drivers who will be using the system.

Remember you will not be charged for the Free Trial period. Capturing Credit card as part of initial SIGN UP helps us to continue billing should you decide to continue beyond Trial period.

Yes, you can e-mail support@nuvizz.com before the end of Trial period to discontinue using the system. We will deactivate your account in nuDeliverIt.

You should have attended the webinar sessions conducted by our Product specialists. If you have not done already, you can REQUEST A DEMO.
If you already signed up to use nuDeliverIt, the welcome e-mail will contain step by step instruction to get started.

Within 24 hours of SIGN UP you will receive a Welcome e-mail. This e-mail will contain the link to nuDeliverIt system with your personal login credentials.

The Welcome email will be sent to the e-mail ID you used the SIGN UP process. If you do not see the email in your e-mail ID’s inbox after 24 hours from Sign up, we recommend you check your Spam or Junk folder for welcome e-mail. If you still do not find it, no worries. Please e-mail support@nuvizz.com clearly stating your Sign up date, Name of your company and a valid phone number.

You will have 24 X 5 access to our strong Support team during and even after our Trial period. Any queries please e-mail support@nuvizz.com. Alternately you can call our number directly. The support number is provided in the welcome e-mail.

Within 24 hours of SIGN UP you will receive the following e-mails:

  • Welcome e-mail with your login credentials for nuDeliverIt Portal and step by step instructions to get started with nuDeliverIt.
  • E-mail to activate your account on Invoice Portal. You can see your invoices, Billing details etc. on this Portal. Please refer to BILLING section for more details.
  • E-mail to activate your account on Customer Portal. You will be access all the necessary User guides, documents and even login issues in this Portal. Please refer to SYSTEM SETUP section for more details.