Posted by Guru Rao

Exceeding Delivery Expectations, Pt. 2

Is your organization ready for this brave new world? How do you go about finding a delivery solution that can take your business to the next level? What are the characteristics of a partner that can propel your company’s opportunities in a hurry, without spending a lot of time, money and other resources? Here are few key points you should consider before choosing such a partner.

Experience Matters: When choosing a partner, select a solution provider that has more than just an app. In fact, it’s quite easy to build an app. However, it takes years of industry experience to understand and optimize the ecosystem in which that app lives and how it affects the entire experience. Select a company that has the Supply Chain experience ingrained in their DNA.

Technology Agnostic: Technology is at the cornerstone of the new world. But, technology itself is evolving at a rapid pace. Hence, choosing a partner that does not stay on top of changing technology landscape and those that work only with established technology is a poor choice at best. Ask to talk with the CTO and other technical leaders of the partner organization and make sure they are agile, nimble and curious.

Ease of Use: Your delivery solution is used by people with various backgrounds. Hence, the solution should be simple to use and one that can be used with little to no training. Yet, it should also be feature rich, supported by a company that commits to adding market-trending requirements.

Reliability: Reliability of a solution corresponds not just about the quality of the solution, but also it represents the quality and responsiveness of the team behind that.

Security: With your corporate data literally out in the open on the road, it is important to safeguard that data. Your solution vendor should be compliant with the latest and greatest of security standards and should constantly be updating the solution to avert threats that continuously evolve.

Cloud: This one is almost redundant to state. A solution of this nature is assumed to be cloud-based. However, anybody can state that they are “cloud-based” when their solutions are staged on a server at the back of a garage with no proven ability to survive all sorts of known and unknown challenges. Insist on getting details about the hosted solution, as well as the quality and trustworthiness of their cloud.

Responsiveness: Delivery solutions don’t operate in isolation. Instead, they respond (or at least they should) to users and their environment. Your solution vendor should have a proven record of providing reliable, near 100% uptime systems that respond to user requests.


Who is nuDeliverIt?

nuDeliverIt is a solution created by veterans of the Supply Chain and Logistics industries. The solution is based on years of business and technology experience accumulated on the field. Our focus is providing immediate value to our customers in service of their long term needs and goals. Our solution footprint is designed to integrate with any of our customer systems, implemented on proven, safe, secure and reliable cloud with real data to prove our mettle.

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