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Jeff Bezos may just be the Michael Jordan of e-commerce. When you’re down a 24-pack, have a barbecue in one hour and no way to get to the liquor store, Amazon Prime Now swoops in with a buzzer-beating delivery to save the day. And Air Jordan? How about Amazon Prime Air? In just a matter of years, the company hopes to go vertical with its drone delivery network.

But it’s bad-news bears for small businesses when a multi-national retailing behemoth starts poaching customers within a 10-mile radius of their stores. Amazon’s prices are cheap, and the service is swift. So where does that leave the Muggsy Bogueses of business?

Hardly at the mercy of an insurmountable deficit. Yes, Amazon Prime has changed the home delivery game, but small businesses still have something that Amazon doesn’t: expertise and intimate, face-to-face service. So while they don’t need to beat Prime at its own game, they do need to get on the scoreboard.

Consumers are evolving, and so must your business

“Small retailers need to sell expertise and service.”

In an enlightening column, Forbes contributor Ian Altman summarized his discussion with a small business owner whose market was being threatened by Amazon Prime. The takeaway from that discussion was that smaller retailers can no longer just sell a product. They need to sell expertise and service.

The craft beer industry is a good example of this concept. A local brewery in Sacramento recently started offering home delivery for its special-release brews to customers in other parts of California. Sure, customers could pay for a commercial brand through Amazon and get it shipped to their door in a few hours, but if they want the artisanal touch of a craft brewery, they may be more willing to wait two days for that experience.

Small businesses still have the boots-on-the-ground service and expertise to offer customers an experience. Now they just need their ringer: better delivery services.

Automated delivery tracking for the win

Again, small retailers shouldn’t necessarily compete head-on with the Amazon Primes of the world. But if they have a voice and a good product, or a fleet and a mission, then they should do what they can to improve how they deliver those products or services. The starting line for those improvements is automated delivery tracking software.

With automatic route optimization, real-time fleet management and a 360-degree view of downstream operations all in one app, nuDeliverIt’s ready-to-deploy delivery tracking software will get your small business to the finish line.

It's 10 pm. Do you know where your deliveries are?