Posted by Guru Rao

The tricky thing about customer satisfaction is it’s a moving target. Just when you think you have it in your sights, someone raises the bar (*cough* Amazon *cough*), leaving you in the tough position of once again having to readjust or risk falling behind.

And we get it: Change isn’t easy in this industry, especially not when you’re competing with the likes of Amazon and Walmart. The former accounted for 4 percent of all retail sales in 2017 according to research from One Click Retail; the latter recently saw its online sales grow by 50 percent, per The Washington Post. Going face-to-face with these resource-rich juggernauts isn’t an enviable task.

But it’s the reality of retail, and businesses are in a sink or swim moment. Those that adapt to new customer expectations will have a bright future. Those that don’t, well, you can guess what will happen to them. The question you need to ask now is “What am I doing to make my retail operations more adaptable?”

To help you answer that question, our new infographic outlines the four key last-mile delivery expectations of 2018, identifies where retailers fall short and provides guidance on what they need to do if they hope to succeed in the year ahead.

infographic 4 last mile benefits

4 last mile benefits your customers expect in 2018 [Infographic]