Let’s help you onboard faster.

Our user guides and videos are all available in our Customer Portal (not to be confused with nuDeliverIt Portal). Remember after SIGN UP you would have received an email to activate your account to our Customer Portal (Zendesk). In case you have not received it or need help with activating it, please e-mail support@nuvizz.com. Our support team can help activating that for you.

NOTE: In order to access help on creating users and Stops you will need to activate your access to Customer Portal.

As part of the welcome e-mail that was sent to you after your SIGN UP you would have received Step by Step instructions to login to nuDeliverIt Portal and perform initial setup process. Please follow them to get started.

As part of the welcome e-mail that was sent to you after your SIGN UP the first Step clearly indicates that you will be asked to reset your password upon first login. This is primarily done for security reasons. You get to choose your own password.

Your nuDeliverit login credentials must be secure. In order to provide that additional layer of security, nuDeliverit prompts users to answer minimum 5 of the 10 security questions the first time a user logs into the system. It is the same set of questions for all users (Portal users or App users). In case users forget the password in future and are required to reset the same the can just answer the security questions and perform the reset fairly quickly.

Stop upload Template is an Excel spread sheet that should be filled and imported to create Stops in nuDeliverIt. For details on how to use Stop template please visit How can I upload Stops on Customer Portal.

In order to create Stops every day in nuDeliverIt you will use the Stop upload template to fill the Stop information and import the file into nuDeliverIt. This is the easiest way to create Stops in nuDeliverIt Portal. You can learn on how to upload stops by visiting How can I upload Stops.

The welcome e-mail contains the login credentials of the first user. Use the Company ID and login credentials to login to nuDeliveIt to create Drivers. For details on how to create Drivers please visit How Can I Create New Users? on Customer Portal.

The Driver executes the Load via the nuDeliverIt App.

For the Android users, the App can be downloaded from the Google Play store like any other App. For iOS users the App can be downloaded from the Apple Play Store similar to any App.